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You see their trucks around the neighborhood servicing your neighbors’ HVAC. But also, because owner, Todd Vaughn, is one of your neighbors. Todd loves serving this community. We see our clients around the neighborhood, in the store, at school functions, activities, or various events. It’s important to me that they are happy with the service we provide, trust us to treat their home with respect, and choose to build a long-term relationship with us. They are not just customers, they are friends.

They are not just customers, they are friends.

Pure Heating, Cooling & Environmental Air Duct Services enhances your comfort and health. “It’s important that your heating and cooling equipment is performing efficiently. Routine preventative maintenance will help ensure that your equipment will operate properly when you need it most.” Todd emphasizes that maintaining your HVAC equipment will cut down on mechanical problems and potential loss of heat or cooling when it is most needed. As a licensed master mechanical contractor, he is qualified to install, repair, and thoroughly clean and tunes your heating and cooling equipment. “That’s critical for the long-term viability of each system,” explains Todd.